While you are attending one of our courses or training sessions, we can offer free childcare for your child in the 1st Place crèche.

The 1st Place crèche was established in 2005 and our skilled Early Education staff have successfully worked with young mums, children with special needs, families with English as a second language and children who have never been separated from their parents.

At our crèche, our experienced Early Educators provide an array of different activities to engage your child and make sure that they get the most from their time at the crèche. They also always explain where you are, what you are doing and when you will be back.

It is really important to us that the time spent in our crèche is a happy experience for your child. As coming to our crèche is often the first time a child has spent time away from their parents, we ask that you try to bring them to one of our Stay and Play sessions in the weeks before your course or training so they become familiar with the crèche room and our staff.

Keeping Your Child Safe

1st Place crèche workers observe the children in our care in order to feedback to you about what they have been doing and to help us plan for future sessions.

We complete an Evaluation Form for each session to record and review what took place and to improve our service. You are welcome to add your comments. To do so, please see staff at the end of the session.

All 1st Place provision operates within Government legislation relating to childcare and our staff have a duty of care to all children. If we have any concerns about the welfare of a child we must record and discuss this with their parent and will refer to other agencies for advice if necessary. For further information, please see the 1st Place Safeguarding Policy.

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