Our Future

What sets us apart is our belief that we must keep developing; and always strive to achieve our vision:

  • We cherish innovative early learning experiences for children.
  • We strongly support ongoing growth and development of those in our community.
  • We are committed to regenerating this community in order to contribute to greater social and economic stability overall.
  • We are always learning from our children, parents and those around us. We believe that is their gift to us.

Our Board of Trustees Comprises:

  • Mark Devlin – Chair
  • Philip Wilkins – Treasurer
  • Lucia Adams
  • Lucy Brazener
  • Ana Brito
  • Douglas Buist
  • Anna Jenkins
  • Amanda Leat
  • Nigel Lloyd
  • Sarah McCarthy
  • Mollie McLelland Morris
  • Heather Munn
  • Sophia Zhang

To find out about becoming a member of our Board of Trustees, please contact Nicki Howard (Director) by emailing Director@1stplace.uk.com.