We have a vision of a strong community where every parent and child is given the chance to realise their potential and enjoy a good quality of life.


It’s our mission to provide equal opportunities to every child and parent in the local community through high-quality, early learning experiences, family support and training.

Our Values:

  • Community ownership: The local community and parents are involved in the management of 1st Place, through membership of the Board of Trustees and the management of the centre.
  • Participation: Activities are developed with input from our families and with their needs in mind. We gather feedback through surveys, parents’ meetings and professionals.
  • Inclusion: We aim to build confidence in children and adults; there is access for all; with over 90 staff, together speaking 13 languages, we reflect the diverse community we serve.
  • Partnership: We believe that by working in partnership with voluntary, statutory and private sector providers we can deliver more, and better, services to the community. We currently work with over 20 different partners in health, family support and education. Visit our Partnerships page to find out more.