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At 1st Place we deliver the standard EYFS Curriculum. We are also inspired by some of the ideas and ways of working in the Reggio Emilia Approach. We provide full day care, five days a week, at three lovely day nurseries 1st Place Children and Parents’ Centre in Walworth, SE17, 1st Place at Cambridge House in Camberwell, SE5 and 1st Place at Lorrimore Square in Walworth, SE17.

What is the Reggio Emilia Approach?

Named after the region of Italy from which this philosophy springs, the Reggio Emilia model is an innovative movement for excellence in childhood education based on the following principles:

  • Community support and parental involvement – parents are a child’s first teacher.
  • Teachers are co-learners and collaborators, not just instructors.
  • Documentation – we listen and watch closely rather than making judgements.
  • Learning through projects – often devised by the children themselves.
  • The ‘hundred languages of children’ – we recognise and encourage the many ways children have of expressing themselves.

This approach has, at its heart, a unique view of the child: each child is seen as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential. The child is also viewed as being an active constructor of knowledge. Rather than being seen as the target of instruction, children are seen as having the active role of an apprentice. This role also extends to that of a researcher. A lot of our activities take the form of projects where children have opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, question, and discuss to clarify their understanding. Children are also viewed as social beings and a focus is made on the child in relation to other children, the family, the teachers, and the community rather than on each child in isolation.

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The pleasure of learning, of knowing, and of understanding, is one of the most important and basic feelings that every child expects….It is a crucial feeling which must be reinforced so that the pleasure survives even when reality may prove that learning, knowing, and understanding involve difficulty and effort. It is in this very capacity for survival that pleasure is transformed into pure joy.Loris Magaluzzi, Founder of Reggio Emilia approach

Who is the Atelierista?

Our resident atelierista has an artistic background and works alongside other practitioners to help children explore, experiment and learn using many different languages (e.g. drawing, sculpture, placing and arranging, light and shadow play, construction). The atelierista is a unique, and exciting, addition to the nursery team – a team member we are not required to employ but whom we feel makes an invaluable contribution.

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Supporting Every Child

We provide an individually planned curriculum for each child by following their interests; and we work with the LA Early Help department to support children with additional needs using an Individual Education Plan. Each child is assigned a key person who observes their development, fully documents their learning in the child’s learning diary and tracks their achievement termly. We share the results with parents and if we have any concerns we will support parents and children to engage with early help.

Parents are given written or verbal feedback at the end of the day, according to the needs of the child and parent.

Every child is welcomed as a unique individual. To enable us meet their needs all parents are required to attend a pre-admission meeting where we can start a dialogue of their expectations and what we can offer. We also give each child a home visit so that they can get to know their key person before they start nursery. We continue this partnership into the settling in period, and throughout the child’s nursery experience, where their key person responds to their needs with care and compassion.

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Ruth PonsfordRuth Ponsford
Thank you so much for the care and joy you have given our daughter over the past few years. She has loved coming to nursery at 1st Place and we have appreciated being able to leave her in such a safe and warm environment. She has developed into such a confident, fun loving and compassionate little girl, and we know 1st Place has had a huge hand in that!
Louise KingLouise King
Through closely observing my son, Marie could see he may have problems making the transition to school. With our input, the nursery made a special effort to support him through different games and projects. He is now settling into school really well!
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