Our Future

What sets us apart is our belief that we must keep developing; and always strive to achieve our vision:

  • We cherish innovative early learning experiences for children.
  • We strongly support ongoing growth and development of those in our community.
  • We are committed to regenerating this community in order to contribute to greater social and economic stability overall.
  • We are always learning from our children, parents and those around us. We believe that is their gift to us.

To View the 2016 Annual Report please Click Here

Our Board of Trustees 2015-2016 Comprises:

  • Mark Devlin – Chair
  • Philip Wilkins – Treasurer
  • Claire Walker
  • Nigel Lloyd
  • Heather Munn
  • Doug Buist
  • Lucia Adams
  • Amanda Leat
  • Harriet Mubiana
  • Lucy Brazener
  • Sophia Zhang
  • Anta Brito Castro
  • Sarah McCarthy